Conventional woodburner

Conventional woodburners use firewood as its sole energy source. This is reportedly carbon neutral and provides an unparalleled warmth and homely feel. We work very closely with The Stove Store and have a large selection of woodburners from all the leading brands for you to view in the showroom based at Buckfastleigh. 

Its an important decision to select the right woodburner for you and we are here to ensure you make the right choice. If you are considering your first woodburner or an upgrade to your existing setup we are sure to have something to suit. To view our complete range of woodburners  via The Stove Store click the link below

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Multifuel Stoves

A modern alternative to a single fuel woodburner is a multifuel stove. Being multifuel they not only burn wood but also smokless fuels, pellets and eco-logs. The main advantage of a multifuel stove is the ability to utilise the smokeless fuel technology. This does require modifications to a few bits of hardware such as the grate and air intake but once operational a multifuel stove can burn overnight and operate in smoke controlled zones.

The majority of woodburners can be converted to multi fuel with additional hardware. To view our range of multifuel stoves that we supply via The Stove Store click the link below.

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Esse Range Cookers

If you are looking for a stylish combination of heat source and stove than a range cooker is the perfect solution. Manufactured in the UK by Esse these ever popular units offer three ways to cook - on the hob, over embers or roast in the oven. A clear view of the flame is maintained to give unique and satisfying feel so you do not compromise on any of the benefits of a traditional woodburner. A truly astounding addition to any household. 

Range cookers are very fashionable and highly sought after. At present there are only a few manufacturers that build them but due to their ever increasing popularity this will increase over time. To view the range cookers available to view at The Stove Store click the link below. 

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